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a  r e s e a r c h

__ _on the role of the medium in the artistic making process __ _and on how Art History students at University¹ learn about the artistic making process.

an exploration__  through reading, writing, doing, reflecting, and making.

i n  t h i s  p r o j e c t

For this research I designed an Open Studio Project. In this project I created a context in which university students got the opportunity to visit an artist in his or her studio. To talk about the process of making art, and, perhaps even more important; to create something out of materials together with the artist.

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¹ Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


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__meanwhile I was observing, taking notes, sketching, picturing and recording.

with attention for gestures, position, the relation to object, material, space, and the process of making.

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_____ _ _   which results in a study both theoretical/textual and visual. for more information feel free to contact









2018 || Minerva Art Academy | lectoraat Making & Material Literacy, Ann-Sophie Lehmann | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen |